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Length: 11.5 cm, Weight: 355 g
Materials: 100% Stainless Steel/Black Oxide finish
MOLLE Sheath

The Leatherman Surge is one of our two largest multi-tools; a real powerhouse, built with our largest pliers, longest multi-tool blades and easy-to-use locks. A unique blade exchanger, replaceable 154CM wire cutters and four outside-opening blades give you quick access to the tools you use most. The Surge was built for tough jobs and the hands that do them.



  • ALL LOCKING FEATURESAll locking features means that every tool and knife on the body of the handle, with the exception of the plier head, will lock into place.
  • LANYARD RINGThis secure ring is for attaching the tool safely and securely to a lanyard.
  • OUTSIDE-ACCESSIBLE FEATURESThis multi-tool features tools that are accessible while the tool is in its folded or closed position, mimicking the functionality of a pocket knife.
  • ONE-HAND OPERABLE FEATURESEvery feature on this tool can be opened and operated with one hand.


TOOLS - See image

  • 1Needlenose Pliers
  • 2 Regular Pliers
  • 3 Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters
  • 4 Premium Replaceable Hard-wire Cutters
  • 5 Stranded-wire Cutters
  • 6 Electrical Crimper
  • 7 Wire Stripper
  • 8 420HC Knife
  • 9 420HC Serrated Knife
  • 10 Saw
  • 11 Spring-action Scissors
  • 12 Awl w/ Thread Loop
  • 13 Ruler (8 in | 19 cm)
  • 14 Can Opener
  • 15 Bottle Opener
  • 16 Wood/Metal File
  • 17 Diamond-coated File
  • 18 Blade Exchanger®
  • 19 Large Bit Driver
  • 20 Large Screwdriver
  • 21 Small Screwdriver

Leatherman Surge With Molle Case - Black

SKU: YL 8313330
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